Snore Experts Curb Snoring in Los Angeles with the Launch of the NightLase® Laser Treatment

“Snore Experts” Doctors, Greenburg, Khorsandi & Colletta, free patients from the dreaded snore pillow and chin strap, CPAP system, and snore guard, with a new laser treatment that promises to stop snoring and help sleep apnea.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) July 19th, 2017

Offering patients the big goodbye to CPAP intolerance, snoring surgery, and all things invasive, three dentists in the City of Angels announce a launch. Enter, NightLase®. It’s the non-invasive, non-CPAP, snoring laser treatment that has hit the high tenor of effectiveness. Poised to settle the nights of a restless marketplace, oddly enough, the treatment is typically used for vaginal rejuvenation and smoothing facial wrinkles. Now tasked with addressing the resounding immobility of air trying to move through narrowed airways, it’s been repurposed. Rest and quietude, anyone?

So how does it work? Via the contraction of collagen, NightLase® uses laser energy to tighten and shrink the uvula, soft palate, and surrounding tissues of the throat’s airway. This helps keep the airway open and can reduce or eliminate snoring entirely. In approximately three treatments spaced over a two-month period, each within 21 days of each other, the treatments last 15 to 20 minutes. Comfortably, it requires no anesthesia and allows the patient to resume their daily activities immediately.

Dr. Jonathan Greenburg, the founder of Snore Experts, said of the procedure, “After the first session we see remarkable results. Throughout the process, over 80% of patients notice a reduction in the intensity, duration, and frequency of their snoring. It’s remarkable improvement without much more than a sore throat for 24 to 48 hours afterward, if that. It’s a wonderful innovation.”

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About Snore Experts

Snore Experts is a medical facility whose flagship office is in Encino, California. With five locations in the Los Angeles area, other locations include Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, Pasadena, and Valencia. Founder, Dr. Jonathan Greenburg, and his partners, Drs. Jay Khorsandi and Stephanie Colletta, treat patients with oral appliance therapy, APAP therapy, and NightLase®.

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