Simple and Effective: NightLase Laser Snoring Therapy

Snoring is a common problem faced by most people. For those sharing a room with the snorer, sleeping is extremely difficult with so much noise. It is not easy for the snorer too.

One who has a snoring problem may have difficulty sleeping. Sleep apnea is another issue which can disturb a good night’s sleep. Here, a person faces inconveniences with breathing while asleep and wakes up suddenly at night finding it tough to inhale. Those suffering from sleep apnea have severe sleeping difficulties.

An inability to sleep at night can cause fatigue in the morning. Lack of adequate rest can also lead to many problems, including increased blood sugar levels.

Treating snoring and problems like sleep apnea are important to ensure good health. NightLase Laser snoring therapy is a new approach to treating this problem and is also a non-invasive method.

How Does It Work?

It has been estimated that 90 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders, not to mention the effect it has on marriages. Snoring and some sleep disorders happen because of the oral mucosa tissues that collapse, which worsens with age.

NightLase Laser snoring therapy stimulates the soft palate. This encourages the production of collagen fiber and reduces any vibrations, thus eliminating constant snoring and ensuring a good night’s sleep.

NightLase is a laser therapy approved by the FDA. It involves the use of laser pulses that effectively target the oral mucosa tissue. It works well on the oral mucosa tissue and heats it, thereby tightening the tissues and thus stimulating the production of collagen.

Being a therapy that is done on an outpatient basis, it needs three sessions of around a 30-minute duration. Each session must take place every three weeks after the previous one.

The laser operates at a temperature of around 40 to 480C and is hence safe. The laser pulses are used by the doctor to target the palate, tonsils, bottom portion of the tonsils, and the pillar areas of the mouth.

There is no anesthetic needed and is a painless procedure with a feeling similar to when a fine mist of hot water sprays into the throat. The treatment is therefore safe and comfortable for patients.

Effectiveness Of The Treatment

NightLase laser snoring therapy is highly effective and this is the reason it has become quite popular. Its safety and the way it works make it a patient-friendly procedure.

95% of patients who’ve undergone the treatment have reported improvements in their snoring problems. Almost 60% said that the treatment provided excellent results that helped them in reducing the amount of snoring and sleeping well.

80% patients also said that they could breathe more easily and obtain restful sleep. All this was seen with just two weeks of treatment. 85% even testified that they experienced the mind-blowing effects of the treatment a whopping 3 years after the treatment.

All this shows that the NightLase laser snoring therapy is extremely effective in resolving snoring as well as Obstructive Sleep Apnea. It allows patients to sleep well and breathe easily while at the same time improving their health.

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