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Jay Khorsandi, DDS

Realizing the key to total body health lies within a functional approach for each patient, Dr. Jay Khorsandi has progressed down a path of education and clinical experience with one goal in mind: To get his patients sleeping better and ultimately feeling better. For almost 20 years, Dr. Khorsandi has been improving the lives of patients whether it was fixing a chipped tooth on a bride the day of her wedding to extracting an infected tooth on near-term pregnant woman in desperate pain or helping a patient get a new job and partner in life from his confident new smile.

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Dr. Jonathan Greenburg

Dr. Jonathan Greenburg is one of the foremost authorities on treating Snoring & Sleep Apnea, training Doctors from all over the world. He founded “Snore Experts” to be the leading treatment center in the Los Angeles area. The success and reputation of the Snore Experts treatment centers has become a magnet, attracting celebrities from all over to fly to Los Angeles to treat their Snoring & Sleep Apnea issues.

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Dr. Barbara Burggraaff, Medical Director

Dr. Barbara Burggraaff, or as we call her Dr. B is a rare breed of physicians who is double board certified in the two most relevant specialties for treating snoring and sleep apnea: Otolaryngology (AKA, Ear, Nose and Throat doctor) and Sleep Medicine. This allows Dr. Burggraaff the unique advantage of becoming intimately familiar with the relationship between how we breathe (and whether it's through our noses or mouths) and how it relates into sleep. Her years of experience both as a surgeon as well as sleep lab director have culminated with a focus as our medical director.

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Dr. Stephanie Colletta

Dr. Stephanie Colletta helps patients achieve a lifetime of good health by providing them with the very best in dental sleep medicine. She, along with Drs. Greenburg and Khorsandi, has successfully treated thousands of snoring and sleep apnea patients, as their practice is strictly limited to this narrow field of dentistry. She graduated from the University of Washington with dual bachelor’s degrees and received her DDS from the University of the Pacific in San Francisco.

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Snoring - Sleep Apnea FAQs

Couple Sleeping In Bed Couple Sleeping In Bed

Because You Want To Sleep Better & Live Longer

Is your partner is driving you CRAZY every night? Snoring and sleep apnea don’t just affect them, they affect you as well. Did you know that the bed partners of people who snore lose an average of one hour of sleep every night? Over half of the patients that call our office are calling regarding someone else.

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