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"We Treat the Tough Cases"

Jay Reznick, DMD, MD & Jonathan Greenburg, DDS
Exclusively Treating Sleep Apnea, Snoring, and CPAP Intolerance

Sleep-friendlier lighting is on the way

A new LED could lessen how much near-bedtime lighting impairs your ability to nod off

Don’t watch TV close to bedtime. Put away your phone, too, or you may have trouble falling asleep. You may not realize it, but the blue light from device screens and even common lamps will confuse your brain’s internal 24-hour clock.

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Sleep Funnies

The best sleep jokes on the internet

AT AN OPERA, a wife says to her husband, “It’s a shame the person in front of us fell asleep!”

Then her husband grumbles and replies..


Sleep Facts

Does Lettuce Water Make You Sleepy? People on TikTok Say It's a Cure for Insomnia-Here's What Experts Think


A new federal rule has been approved by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) that's intended to increase the safety of products marketed or meant for infant sleep for babies under 5-months-old.

Q & A

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Q: What are some of the warning signs of sleep deprivation? (Toby L.)

A: Hey Toby, generally, if you feel drowsy during the day, you haven't had enough sleep. The same is true if you fall asleep within five minutes of lying down. 'Microsleeps,' or very brief periods of sleep in an otherwise awake person, are also warning signs of sleep deprivation.


Q: What are the benefits of sleeping on one side vs the other? (Evelyn N.)

A: Evelyn, there is no consistent scientific evidence that sleeping on one side versus the other is better for everyone. However, there is some evidence that with certain medical conditions, sleep on one side or the other may be beneficial. For example, patients who have reflux disease may benefit from sleep on the left side compared to the right, as sleeping on the right side has been shown in one study to relax the connection between the esophagus and the stomach, leading to more acid reflux. In patients with heart conditions, sleeping on the right side may reduce discomfort and shortness of breath, as found in another study. Patients with orthopedic pain may find that sleeping on one side or the other may reduce their pain and thus reduce the disruption in sleep. In general, side sleeping compared to sleeping face up (supine) may reduce the severity of snoring and sleep apnea in some patients.

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  • Dr. Reznick and Dr. Greenburg are 2 of the most prominent Sleep Doctors in the Country. When other doctors need treatment for their sleep apnea, why do you think they choose Snore Experts?
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  • Over 85% compliance with CPAP/APAP. Patented Dental appliance proven successful on even severe OSA.
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  • Successfully treated thousands of patients.

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Newsletter #9, Volume 1

We Treat the Tough Cases
We Treat the Tough Cases
Jonathan Greenburg, DDS
Jonathan Greenburg, DDS
Jay Reznick, DMD, MD
Jay Reznick, DMD, MD
Snore Experts
Snore Experts
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