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An inflammatory diet could be hurting your sleep. What foods to avoid (and which to indulge in)

Having trouble falling asleep? Staying asleep? Getting good sleep?

Your diet could be to blame.

A new study from the University of South Carolina, published recently in the journal Nutrients, found that those who ate more inflammatory foods slept worse than those who ate less of them.

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Funny Sleep Puns & Jokes

Some people have nightmares while some have just plain bizarre dreams. Whatever kind of dreamer you are, if you need funny sleep puns and jokes, you’ll never be caught napping again!

That’s because you couldn’t dream of better sleep puns than these. So enjoy them.

Sleep News

How Losing Just 39 Minutes of Sleep Can Affect Your Kid’s Health

A new study published in JAMA Network OpenTrusted Source has found that getting less sleep can be detrimental for children, both physically and mentally.

When they lost just 39 minutes of sleep, they had significantly lower well-being, did not cope as well at school, and had reduced quality of life.

Sleep restriction even affected kids who had lost as little as 30 minutes of sleep.

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Sleep Hacks

Why Some People Sleep Better Than Others

... and what we can do to achieve the goal of sleep equity.

A vast body of research has confirmed that sleep is necessary for living a healthy life. Most of us can relate to this based purely on how a lack of sleep makes us feel—and what's more, over the long term, sleep deprivation is associated with many adverse health outcomes. In fact, a systematic review published in Sleep Medicine found that sleep deprivation is correlated with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and mortality, among other negative outcomes.

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This Dietary Supplement You've Probably Never Heard of Promotes Better Sleep

Shakespeare referred to sleep as "nature's soft nurse," and he wasn't wrong. Sleep plays a factor in all aspects of our well-being, from our mental health, mood and brain functions to our immune system, heart health and more. There's a reason physicians recommend 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. However, despite how essential a good night's sleep is, many Americans struggle with insomnia. If you've tried nighttime yoga, melatonin and every other sleep remedy in the book, and you still can't seem to knock out at night, there's a supplement you might want to try.

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"You’re off to great places, today is your day.
Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way."

-- Dr. Seuss

Snore Experts Customer Spotlight

Name: Steven S.

Age: 44

Years of snoring: 9

Number of snoring products tried: 3

Experience: When I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, I procrastinated for many years and ignored the results of three different sleep tests because I did not want to use a CPAP machine. After realizing how serious my condition was, and feeling exhausted before my day even started, I contacted Dr. Greenburg for help. With his sophisticated equipment he made my sleep apnea appliance. I was excited about wearing it as an alternative to the CPAP. From the very first night I experienced an improvement in my sleeping and even felt rested in the morning. Best of all my wife is finally getting her well deserved sleep! I would never again think of going to sleep without my appliance.

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Q & A w/ Dr. Greenburg

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Q: I have difficulty waking up in the morning. I feel like that “extra 30 minutes” will make a difference. What can I do about this? (Diane R.)

A: Diane, you're not alone. Waking up is difficult for a lot of us. If you're getting seven or eight hours of sleep per night, then getting more in the morning isn't going to make things any easier. Here's what will: When the alarm goes off, immediately throw your feet on the floor. This forces you to get the wake-up process going. It's like ripping a bandage off, instead of slowly, painfully peeling it away. Usually, by the time you get to the shower, the intense need to hit the snooze button is gone. But all this assumes you've gotten a reasonable amount of sleep.


Q: What are the stages of sleep? What happens in each? (Jenny F.)

A: Jenny, there are four stages of sleep, which divide into three NMEN, or non-rapid eye movement stages, and one REM, or rapid eye movement stage.

Stage 1 of NREM sleep: This stage functions as a transition from wakefulness to sleep. During this stage, the body still maintains some tension, so there are brief twitches that take place while the muscles relax. In addition, brain activity, heart rate, and eye movements slow down.

Stage 2 of NREM sleep: This stage works as a subtle sleep period for the body to continue through the following stages. During this phase, there's less awareness of the environment, body temperature reduces, and eye movements stop. Similarly, breathing and muscle tension keep slowing down.

Stage 3 of NREM sleep: This stage results in a deep phase of sleep where most of the necessary rest takes place. During this stage, brain waves known as delta appear, muscles are now completely relaxed, heart rate and breathing continue to slow down.

Stage 4 of REM sleep: This final stage acts as a peak stage for brain activity. During this stage, atonia (or the immobilization of the muscles) takes place, brain activity is comparable to that of wakefulness, and eye movements appear. Additionally, heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing increase. Also, the event of dreaming occurs.

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We Treat the Tough Cases
We Treat the Tough Cases
Snore Experts
Snore Experts
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