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Jay Reznick, DMD, MD & Jonathan Greenburg, DDS
Exclusively Treating Sleep Apnea, Snoring, and CPAP Intolerance

Segmented Sleep Makes a Comeback During the Pandemic

Meet Me at 3 A.M. for a Cup of Coffee.

The pandemic has allowed some people to return to a former way of sleeping: in segments.

About a year into the pandemic, Marcela Rafea began waking up consistently at 3 a.m., her mind racing.

She would creep out of bed and tiptoe into the living room, where she would meditate, try a few yoga poses and open the window to hear the leaves rustle, the cars rush by and the dogs bark.

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Funny Sleep Puns & Jokes

Some people have nightmares while some have just plain bizarre dreams. Whatever kind of dreamer you are, if you need funny sleep puns and jokes, you’ll never be caught napping again!

That’s because you couldn’t dream of better sleep puns than these. So enjoy them.

Sleep Science

How sleeping next to a loved one can improve your well-being

This Valentine's Day, don't forget to cuddle and fall asleep next to someone you love. Sleeping close to a loved one not only helps you fall asleep faster but has a host of other health benefits too.

This Valentine's Day, don't forget to cuddle and fall asleep next to someone you love - be it your mother, special someone, a friend or your baby, as research says it not only works wonders for your sleep health but also overall well-being.

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Sleep Hacks

How Light Affects Your Sleep

Did you know that even the smallest beams of light in your bedroom can become focal points that draw your attention and distract you from sleep? The disappearance of light in the evening tells the brain that it’s time to wind down.

And few people realize that bright-light exposure during the day can improve sleep, since sunlight, especially in the morning, helps to regulate your circadian clock for the day, signaling your brain to wake up.

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Consumers looking to sleep smarter and better

During the past two years, more and more consumers put an emphasis on health and wellness, and the craving for sleep products that helped deliver a strong night’s sleep was apparent in the category’s strong sales growth.

According to Furniture Today’s retail survey, the bedding category — specifically adjustable bed bases — were among home furnishings products that piqued consumer interest. Bedding manufacturers have answered the call with an array of new products designed to help enhance the sleep experience, and many are turning toward promoting the power of sleep through those new products.

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Q & A

Our readers are invited to email us with their questions!

Q: I have difficulty waking up in the morning. I feel like that “extra 30 minutes” will make a difference. What can I do about this? (Andrew P.)

A: Andrew, you're not alone. Waking up is difficult for a lot of us. If you're getting seven or eight hours of sleep per night, then getting more in the morning isn't going to make things any easier. Here's what will: When the alarm goes off, immediately throw your feet on the floor. This forces you to get the wake-up process going. It's like ripping a bandage off, instead of slowly, painfully peeling it away. Usually, by the time you get to the shower, the intense need to hit the snooze button is gone. But all this assumes you've gotten a reasonable amount of sleep.


Q: What does “circadian rhythm” mean and how can you support it? (Shirley B.)

A: Shirley, circadian rhythm is an internal process that regulates our sleep–wake cycle and repeats roughly every 24 hours. It is supported by a regular sleep schedule as well as natural fluctuation in day and night hormones, daylight and darkness, and body temperature. Irregular sleep times, heavy use of stimulants or alcohol, jetlag, and chronic stress can mess with this rhythm. You can support the circadian rhythm through a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, being active and outdoors during the day, and switching off in the evening (lights and devices, as well as your mind and body!). The natural sleep hormone melatonin support sleepiness in the evening. Following good guidelines allows melatonin to work for us. Some people take a melatonin supplement, especially during periods when they are struggling with their sleep rhythm or to combat jetlag.

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Newsletter #42, Volume 1

We Treat the Tough Cases
We Treat the Tough Cases
Jonathan Greenburg, DDS
Jonathan Greenburg, DDS
Jay Reznick, DMD, MD
Jay Reznick, DMD, MD
Snore Experts
Snore Experts
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