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How our ancestors used to sleep can help the sleep-deprived today

Like many people, historian A. Roger Ekirch thought that sleep was a biological constant -- that eight hours of rest a night never really varied over time and place.

But while researching nocturnal life in preindustrial Europe and America, he discovered the first evidence that many humans used to sleep in segments -- a first sleep and second sleep with a break of a few hours in between to have sex, pray, eat, chat and take medicine.
"Here was a pattern of sleep unknown to the modern world," said Ekirch, a university distinguished professor in the department of history at Virginia Tech.

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Funny Sleep Puns & Jokes

Some people have nightmares while some have just plain bizarre dreams. Whatever kind of dreamer you are, if you need funny sleep puns and jokes, you’ll never be caught napping again!

That’s because you couldn’t dream of better sleep puns than these. So enjoy them.

Sleep Science

Why do more women struggle with insomnia than men?

Sleeping is an essential part of our lives. It helps us recharge for the next day. Research in this area has helped understand various sleep disorders.

But most research has dogged the question of how different women’s sleep patterns are compared to men.

Why is insomnia more common in women?

The National Sleep Foundation survey, one of the first surveys in this field, found that 46% of women reported troubles with sleep almost every night. Other studies also conclude that insomnia is 40% more prevalent among women.

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Sleep Hacks

Sleep experts warn against painting your bedroom these colors – here's why

The study of color and its relationship to our wellbeing is one that remains ever-present. This interest has surged over recent seasons, but none more so than in the most intimate room of them all: the bedroom.

When deciding on bedroom color ideas, it can be easy to follow current color trends – including optimistic yellows and harmonious beige. However, a recent study has revealed that some tones are better left away from your bedroom walls.

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Apple puts Beddit to rest as Apple Watch Series 8 rumors suggest upgraded sleep tracking

Apple has quietly stopped selling its Beddit Sleep Monitor in the United States and other countries, nearly five years after it first announced its acquisition of the Beddit sleep tracking company.

Since that acquisition, Apple launched a new Beddit Sleep Monitor 3.5 towards the end of 2018, making a handful of minor changes to the product. Other than that, however, Apple hasn’t given much attention at all to the Beddit brand — both in terms of hardware and software.

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Q & A

Our readers are invited to email us with their questions!

Q: Is there a 'best' time for me to exercise with regard to better sleep? (William J.)

William, exercise is good for promoting the quantity and quality of sleep whenever done during the day. However, early morning exercise is only suitable for people who have met their nocturnal sleep requirement. Furthermore, avoid heavy aerobic exercise within an hour of bedtime.


Q: Will eating cheese before bed help me sleep? (Angela M.)

Angela, cheese contains naturally high levels of an amino acid called Tryptophan. It is from Tryptophan that our brains manufacture the chemical Serotonin which is vital for our well-being and mental stability. Tryptophan can be bought in natural food stores for the treatment of symptoms of depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder and Pre-Menstrual Tension as well as helping with relaxation, restfulness, and a good night's sleep.

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Newsletter #37, Volume 1

We Treat the Tough Cases
We Treat the Tough Cases
Jonathan Greenburg, DDS
Jonathan Greenburg, DDS
Jay Reznick, DMD, MD
Jay Reznick, DMD, MD
Snore Experts
Snore Experts
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