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Genetic Tango of Sleep-Wake Rhythms Spins on a New Adaptor

As the earth spins on its axis, most lifeforms including humans must coordinate their behaviors and internal clocks to adapt to consequent oscillations in light and temperature. Failure to adapt to these daily rhythms results in disease.

Through studies on the fruit fly, scientists at Northwestern University have discovered a new gene and molecular pathway that regulate the excitability of neural pacemaker cells in the brain. Understanding how this pathway works can offer insights on behavioral rhythms in daily human life and lead to new treatments for clock-related human diseases, such as depression and insomnia.

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Funny Sleep Puns & Jokes

Some people have nightmares while some have just plain bizarre dreams. Whatever kind of dreamer you are, if you need funny sleep puns and jokes, you’ll never be caught napping again!

That’s because you couldn’t dream of better sleep puns than these. So enjoy them.


Sleep Is Impossible Without These 2 Things

As a health psychologist, I have taught sleep classes throughout my career because no matter what population I have worked with, sleep is a critical issue. Falling asleep is difficult for so many, people. How people improve sleep, I have found, is an art, science, and often a spiritual practice.1

Like most natural systems, we cannot account for all of the factors involved in sleep, and even if we control the environmental factors in our power (dark, cool, quiet), we often cannot control larger personal health or work factors, or family, community, or political stressors that may impact sleep within our larger context. And we don’t necessarily need to; being aware of natural brain rhythms can guide us on how to fall asleep better.

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Sleep Hacks

Maximize your sleep quality without using a clock

One of the most treasured commodities in America: sleep.

Time. Sleep takes up a lot of it.
“You spend one third of life sleeping,” CHI St. Vincent’s Dr. Raghu Reddy said.
He also knows the clock is sleep's primary form of measurement.

“We're talking about people who work in the daytime and then sleep at night, wake up in the morning go to work,” Dr. Reddy said. “For them it's seven to eight hours.”

But the clock can only measure — it can't judge.
“The quantity and the quality are not the same,” Dr. Reddy said.

A person can get that seven to eight hours but they may be having a lot of disruptions in their sleep, according to Dr. Reddy. Sleep apnea, restless legs, nightmares, insomnia brought on by stress, anxiety, which are very common.

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Bose Sleepbuds 2 Review: A Bona Fide Sleep Machine Replacement?

As my atrophying limbs reach for the next rung on the age ladder, it is becoming clearer that catching a good night’s sleep is as elusive as waking up refreshed. More effort has to be put into better sleep habits to reap diminishing rewards, including extensive research on bedding, mattresses and my general sleep environment.

Part of that game is finding technology that can ease the process. Headphone-maker Bose thinks it can corner some of that growing sleep market with its earbuds designed specifically for the only pastime everyone loves with its Sleepbuds 2 earbuds.

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Q & A

Our readers are invited to email us with their questions!

Q: How can exercise impact your sleep? (Javier A.)

Javier, physical exercise is considered an effective, non-pharmacological approach to improve sleep. A recent systematic review and meta-analysis suggested that adolescents with higher subjective and objective physical activity are more likely to experience good sleep subjectively and objectively. Likewise, among adult patients with obstructive sleep apnea, physical exercise as the sole intervention was associated with improved sleep outcomes. The National Sleep Foundation has amended its sleep recommendations for good sleepers to encourage exercise without any caveat as to time of day as long as this is not at the expense of sleep duration.


Q: Is it good to nap during the day? (Ryleigh O.)

Ryleigh, this would depend on whether nocturnal sleep is of good quality and is sufficient in duration. Of course, if you feel sleepy during the day, the first step is to investigate your nocturnal sleep, and ensure everything is done to ensure it is adequate in terms of continuity, architecture and duration. Remember, healthy sleep is sleep which makes you fully alert throughout the day, so you will not need a nap. However, if napping is the only way for you to bear with chronic sleep deprivation arising from inability to get either an adequate amount of sleep due to societal responsibilities, or sleep quality due to various external and internal influences that bear on sleep function, then the pros for napping may outweigh the cons. A recent study which utilized polysomnography to investigate effect of a month-long, daily 1-hour nap regimen in a group of healthy older men and women reported that napping enhanced waking function without negatively affecting nighttime sleep.

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Newsletter #30, Volume 1

We Treat the Tough Cases
We Treat the Tough Cases
Jonathan Greenburg, DDS
Jonathan Greenburg, DDS
Jay Reznick, DMD, MD
Jay Reznick, DMD, MD
Snore Experts
Snore Experts
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