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Jonathan Greenburg, DDS & Michael Tong, DDS
Exclusively Treating Sleep Apnea, Snoring, and CPAP Intolerance

Important Announcement

Snore Experts is proud to announce our expansion to include Vivos, Dr. Michael Marsh, and all the doctors at Medical Partners of Toluca Lake. This will allow us to provide an even higher level of cutting edge technological and treatment innovation to the management of snoring and sleep apnea. This will include onsite access to caring and compassionate dentists and physicians to manage the full spectrum of your health care needs.

To do this, our treatment center has moved. As of Monday, April 4th we are conveniently located at:

4418 Vineland Avenue, Suite 102

Toluca Lake, 91602

We are excited about this move as in addition to joining with Vivos and the doctors at Medical Partners of Toluca Lake, we will be much closer to the majority of our patients. As always we look forward to continuing to be yours and your loved ones resource for any and all problematic snoring and sleep apnea needs. We are happy to answer your questions

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How Can Sleep Affect Men's Health?

Sleep is known to affect several systems and processes in the body. Overarchingly, sleep deprivation is associated with negative health consequences.

With regards to specific effects of sleep on men’s health, dysfunctional sleeping patterns have been shown to impact erectile dysfunction, lower urinary tract symptoms, hypogonadal symptoms, low testosterone, and male infertility.

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Funny Sleep Puns & Jokes

Some people have nightmares while some have just plain bizarre dreams. Whatever kind of dreamer you are, if you need funny sleep puns and jokes, you’ll never be caught napping again!

That’s because you couldn’t dream of better sleep puns than these. So enjoy them.

Sleep Science

Many Men Prioritize Playing Video Games, Drinking Over Good Sleep

June is Men’s Health Month, a time when health organizations across the nation focus on encouraging healthy behaviors in men and boys.

Educational efforts often focus on how men can improve their health outcomes through things like diet, exercise, and preventative care.

However, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, one area that often gets neglected is sleep.

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Sleep Hacks

3 big mistakes people make when trying to sleep in the heat

The hot weather is headed our way in the UK, which is great news if you've been wanting to dust your barbecue off, but not so great if you're in need of a full night's sleep. If your room feels like an oven, dropping off – and staying asleep through the night – is a particular challenge. Especially if you haven't yet invested in one of the best fans to take things down a few degrees.

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New study reveals the top sleep podcasts for falling asleep faster

While some people have zero trouble falling asleep in a dark, quiet room, the rest of us need a little help. Sleep podcasts are popular here, and a new study by retailer Sleepseeker has revealed the best podcasts to help you fall asleep more easily.

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Snore Experts Customer Spotlight

Name: Jeffrey

Age: 41

Years of snoring: 6

Number of snoring products tried: 5

Experience: I’ve tried many different things to combat my severe sleep apnea dilemmas and until I met with Dr. Greenburg-none of them worked. I recommend anyone who wants to have a better, longer life to use this product. It will change their lives!

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Q & A

Our readers are invited to email us with their questions!

Q: What Are Warning Signs of Sleep Deprivation? (Harvey H.)

A: Harvey, the most obvious sign of sleep deprivation is excessive tiredness. Other warning signs of sleep deprivation include:

  • Dozing off while driving, working, watching TV, or reading
  • Difficulty focusing, learning, or problem solving
  • Slower reaction times
  • Trouble remembering things or making decisions
  • Making more mistakes at school or work
  • Behavioral problems in children, such as increased impulsivity, anger, or mood swings


Q: Does COVID-19 cause insomnia? (Miranda S.)

A: Since the coronavirus pandemic started, many more people are dealing with insomnia. Some studies have estimated that about half of people have, or had, insomnia because of the pandemic and there are 2 main reasons:

Coronavirus may affect our brain and nervous system: If you have insomnia during or after a COVID-19 infection, the virus itself may be making it harder to get good sleep. One study found that about 1 out of 5 patients hospitalized with COVID-19 had insomnia. Insomnia may also be part of “long COVID,” or symptoms that linger for months or years after a COVID-19 infection.

We may worry or have anxiety related to the pandemic: This is very common. We all know what it feels like to have trouble sleeping when we have something on our mind, and there’s a lot to worry about these days. If worry or anxiety is making it hard for you to sleep, healthy sleep habits are especially important. If these don’t help, ask your provider about other treatments that might help you.

Bottom line: If you’re having trouble sleeping, talk with your provider about treatments that might help.

All in One Location
  • SleepTesting, CPAP/APAP, Dental Mouthpieces, Surgery, Laser Therapy, & More
  • Dr. Greenburg and Dr. Tong are 2 of the most prominent Sleep Doctors in the Country. When other doctors need treatment for their sleep apnea, why do you think they choose Snore Experts?
Proven Results:
  • Over 85% compliance with CPAP/APAP. Patented Dental appliance proven successful on even severe OSA.
Medicare Insurance Welcome:
  • Successfully treated thousands of patients.

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Let us prove to you why we can be successful with even these patients.

Newsletter #08, Volume 2

We Treat the Tough Cases
We Treat the Tough Cases
Snore Experts
Snore Experts
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