APAP Devices

APAP is an abbreviation for Automatic Positive Airway Pressure. An APAP device is used as a treatment therapy for individuals suffering from sleep apnea. APAP devices can help deliver air to your airway for inducing normal breathing patterns when you are sleeping.

It is a highly advanced non-invasive mask that is connected to an air pressure generator. The generator channels air into your wind pipe and ensures that it stays free from any obstructions while sleeping.

How Do APAP Devices Work?

APAP devices can produce and deliver a steady stream of pressurized air into your airways to prevent them from collapsing and obstructing your normal breathing cycle. Unlike other PAP machines that make use of pre-programmed air pressure, APAP devices offer an option between two different settings that can be adjusted depending on the patients needs.

Both the high range and low range settings on the machine keep fluctuating alternatively throughout the night to provide the most appropriate level of pressure to the patient. APAP devices are programmed with algorithms that can sense even the slightest of changes in your breathing patterns and adjust the air pressure accordingly.

What Are the Advantages of APAP Devices Over Other PAP Machines?

The reason behind the steady growth in the popularity of APAP devices over the regular PAP machines is their incredible versatility and their ability to adapt to the needs and requirements of each patient.

  • If in case an APAP device’s alternating setting is not suiting a patient’s needs, the device can be set to a single pressure setting as per his convenience. This implies that the APAP can act as a regular PAP as well, while the reverse is not possible.
  • APAP devices are especially effective for people who spend their nights tossing and turning in bed. Since the requirement for air varies in different sleeping postures, the fluctuating air pressure from the APAP device helps restless sleep apnea patients achieve a regulated breathing pattern throughout the night.
  • The APAP devices are also programmed to effectively monitor your air requirements during the various stages of the sleep cycle. While a regular PAP device is calibrated to deliver a fixed air pressure throughout the night, the APAP devices readily adapt to the changing respiratory patterns of the patient.
  • The self adjusting feature of APAP devices can be especially useful for sleep apnea patients who are also suffering from other respiratory conditions such as an allergy, flu, or an infection that would otherwise make the level of congestion higher than normal.

You must consult your medical practitioner before getting yourself an APAP device, as there are certain medical conditions that may not react well with its use. People with a history of obesity hypoventilation syndrome and chronic heart failure are advised to refrain from using the device.

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