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Meet Jonathan Greenburg, DDS

Dr. Greenburg is one of the foremost authorities on treating Snoring & Sleep Apnea (OSA). He was unhappy with the lack of knowledge by most Dentists treating OSA and dreamed of creating centers that consistently provided the highest level of quality care. The result was the creation of Snore No More which has now evolved to “Snore Experts”. Snore Experts has grown to 5 locations with more planned: Encino, Valencia, Beverly Hills, Pasadena and Newport Beach.

Dr. Greenburg graduated from NYU Dental School but prior to that attended Syracuse University. He graduated Syracuse with a Bio-Medical Engineering degree and in 2006, invented a revolutionary mouthpiece for the treatment of Snoring & Sleep Apnea. It offered many technological breakthroughs including being the only mouthpiece that works 2 ways to get patients better instead of just 1 and being much more comfortable than other appliances currently available.

Due to Dr. Greenburg’s high success rate, he is a sought after lecturer and trainer of both Dentists and Physicians.

He is often interviewed in Newspapers on Radio and TV, both locally and nationally. He is excited most when he is successful treating patients who previously have struggled finding anything or anyone who could help them.

Providing solutions to those suffering from Snoring & Sleep Apnea is something he absolutely loves to do.

When not making things quieter in the bedroom, he loves spending time with his wife and 2 children. He also thrives on action, sports and adventure. He’s tried most things and keeps adding new ones as time allows.

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